Payments Support

Payments Support


We tried to make paying bills fun. Unfortunately, we learned, that’s impossible. So instead we’re just going to make it really, really easy.

There are a lot of great things about having a home. Making payments probably doesn’t crack the top five, so we’ll cut to the chase. In this section, you’ll learn about your payment method options, ways to structure your payment, and more fun stuff. (Wait, not fun! But easy.)


What do mail, phone, text message, wire transfer, and electronic bank transfer have in common? They’re all faster than the Pony Express. Also, they’re all ways you can make your monthly mortgage payment. Read more


You’re busy. You have lots of things to keep track of. Want to take “making your monthly mortgage payment” off that pesky list? Meet AutoPay. No more stuffing envelopes or stressing over due dates. Just convenience and all-around awesomeness. Read more


Let’s say you’re selling your home or refinancing. That usually means paying off your current loan and getting a new one. And to do that, you need a quote for paying off your current loan. We’ll explain how to make that happen. Read more