Amortization Schedule Information

What is it?

A schedule that breaks down how principal and interest are applied with each monthly payment throughout the life of a loan.

  • Usually provided at Closing.

Where is it?

Located near the bottom of the Payments page in your online account.

It will look similar to this: Amortization Schedule

Why can't I see it?

There are numerous reasons why the amortization schedule may not be available for all accounts, including account status, interest rate, and loan type.

If you don’t see it, you can request one via chat, the Message Center, or by calling our Customer Service department at 833-685-2565.

How can extra payments change my amortization schedule?

Using our mortgage payoff calculator, you can see how any amount of extra principal can change not only how quickly you pay off the mortgage, but also how much total interest you’ll end up paying.