Mailing a Payment

Here’s how and where to mail your payment:

  1. Write a check or get a money order payable to “Mr. Cooper.”

  2. Include the detachable coupon from the bottom of your latest monthly statement and your check or money order in an envelope addressed to:

Mr. Cooper
PO Box 650783
Dallas, TX 75265

Once we receive your payment, it may take a few days to reflect on your account. However, your official payment date will be the date we receive it.

Note: If your payment arrives on a holiday, we’ll post it to your account the next business day that we’re back in the office—but we’ll credit it for the day it arrives.

Special Posting Instructions

When sending additional funds that require special posting instructions, such as additional principal or fees, please indicate that on your payment coupon.

  • If you don’t have a payment coupon, please include the posting instructions on a separate note included with your payment.
    Note: Posting instructions written on the check or other form of payment will not be followed.

  • If we don’t receive posting instructions, or they aren’t on a separate note, your payment will be applied according to your payment hierarchy plan.

Tip: Being set up on AutoPay helps prevent late fees!