Mortgage Assistance Support

Mortgage Assistance Support


When you get behind on your mortgage, the right mortgage assistance program can be a big part of getting back on track.

But it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. You also have access to lots of counseling, information, and outside help. Following are just a few resources that can help you at little or no cost.


The United States Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) has trained housing counselors who can talk through your situation and options with you. They’re ready to help with your questions about credit, foreclosure, rentals, and much more. Find a HUD counselor here.


If you have been unable to qualify for the programs we offer, talk to a specialized HUD Foreclosure Avoidance Counselor. HUD can connect you with an approved foreclosure avoidance counselor. These counselors can help you understand your options and prepare a plan of action, free of charge. Find a counselor here.


If you’re leaving your home and don’t have a place to live lined up yet, HUD can help. They have search tools that can assist you in finding affordable apartments all over the country.

HUD can also help you find out if you’re eligible for public housing and if so point you towards available units. Learn more.


If you’re out of work, there are ample resources for finding a new job, as well as getting help during your period of unemployment.


CareerOneStop is a comprehensive resource for finding a new job or even a new career. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, it offers self-assessment tests, skills training resources, job search tools, interview tips and much more.


The Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program offers benefits to unemployed people who meet state eligibility requirements. To learn about your state’s requirements and get help applying for benefits, go here.


We’re always glad to help you online or over the phone. But our favorite way to help is to meet you in person to address your specific needs at one of our Community Outreach Workshops.

If that sounds good to you too, call us at 888-319-2432 or email us at to get the latest schedule of Community Outreach Workshops. Our mortgage professionals will be on site to outline programs, give tips, and answer your questions.