Loan Modification Details

If you’re facing a long-term hardship, we can review you for a loan modification to determine if more manageable terms are available.

  • While refinancing means replacing your existing loan with a new one, loan modification keeps your existing loan and changes its terms.

  • If you qualify for a loan modification, some potential ways to reduce your monthly payment would be through lowering your interest rate or extending the term of the loan.

Specific eligibility requirements may vary depending on the loan’s investor or other factors.

Trial Period Plan

If you’re approved for a loan modification, in some cases, you will be required to first complete a Trial Period Plan. This is a temporary payment relief period that allows you to demonstrate that you can consistently manage the estimated modified mortgage payment.

  • You will have a new monthly payment amount during this Trial Period Plan.
  • If you make timely payments and meet all requirements stated in the Trial Period Plan terms, the permanent loan modification documentation will be prepared and sent to you for execution.

You can learn more about the application process or apply online now.