Statements Support

Statements Support


Your mortgage statement should be like your friends: Helpful, transparent, and speaking your language.

Statements can be a drag. If all the useful information is buried in the fine print or on some chart you’d need an MBA to understand, what’s the point?

That’s why we’re working around the clock to bring you simple and easy-to-understand statements. Period.


Your monthly statement breakdown shouldn’t cause you a breakdown as you try to understand it. Up front you’ll see what you owe and how much is going to principal, interest, taxes, and insurance and anything else.

The other key information on your monthly statement includes what you’ve paid year-to-date and your current interest rate.

Keep up with these facts and figures every month and you’ll be one savvy homeowner.

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Your year-end mortgage statement summarizes the previous twelve months of payments, taxes, and interest. Your statement will be available by January 15th, leaving you plenty of time to get the nice folks at the IRS the documents they need.

If you’re signed up for paperless, you’ll receive an email when your statement is online and ready to view.

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