Reasons for Not Receiving a Monthly Statement

If you think you’ve missed a billing statement, here are a few possible explanations.

Late Payment

Did you pay on time last month? Missing your payment due date can lead to delays in your next statement.

Remember, if you sign up for AutoPay you’ll never have to stress about remembering your payment due date. Please note that you cannot sign up for AutoPay if you have any outstanding late payments or fees on your account, which you can pay online.

Address Update Needed

The postal service may return mail we send to you because of an address issue but you can verify and update your address to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Concerned that your statement was lost in the mail? You can securely view, download, and print all your documents from the “Statements” section of your online account. Remember, when you sign up for Paperless, you’ll always be notified when your statements are available online.

Recently Changed Address

If you change your mailing address, it may not take effect until your next billing cycle. This may cause you to miss one statement while the change is processing. All future statements will go to your updated address until you update it again or sign up for Paperless. You can always access your latest statement by signing in to your online account.

Recently Transferred to Mr. Cooper

If your loan was recently transferred to Mr. Cooper, your first statement may be slightly delayed due to the transfer process. We’ll send you your first statement within 30 days of your transfer date.

Once you’ve registered for online access, you can view your statement information any time. Also, please remember we do not charge late fees for 60 days from your transfer date.

Bankruptcy Accounts

We send monthly statements to accounts that are in active bankruptcy (subject to certain limitations under federal law). This includes accounts that have received a discharge order from a bankruptcy court.

If you no longer wish to receive a monthly statement, please send a written request to the address below. The address is also included in the monthly statement under the “Important Messages” box.

If the account is in an active bankruptcy status, the address is:
PO Box 613287
Dallas, TX 75261

To resume delivery of monthly statements, please send a written request to the same address. Please be aware that we cannot resume delivery of monthly statements if delivery was halted by an order of a bankruptcy court.

Other Attorney Representation

If you have attorney representation for any other mortgage-related matters, we will send all correspondence to your attorney.

To resume sending correspondence to you, we will need written verification that you are no longer being represented by an attorney regarding your mortgage. Verification can be sent by any of the methods below:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 972-459-1611
  • Mail:
    Mr. Cooper
    PO Box 612488
    Dallas, TX 75261

Paperless Delivery

If you are signed up for Paperless, we won’t mail your statements. Instead, we’ll send you an email when your statement is ready. Then you can securely view, download, and/or print from the “Statements” section of your online account. You can check your Paperless status in the “Settings” tab.