Transferred Wells Fargo Customers: Welcome to Mr. Cooper!

If you are one of the many customers being transferred from Wells Fargo: Welcome, we are happy to have you! You were transferred because Wells Fargo sold your loan to us, your new servicer (the company you send your mortgage payments to). This is a very common practice in the mortgage industry, and you are in good hands—we are one of the largest servicers in the country.

The absolute quickest way to get started with Mr. Cooper is to visit our Welcome page. Here you can find your loan, view account details, and create an online account if the transfer is complete. If your transfer is still in process, we’ll show you the date when you will have full account access. Our blog article, Is Mr. Cooper a Real Mortgage Company?, answers some of the most common questions about us, including how long we’ve been around and why we have such a unique name.

Not a Wells Fargo customer? Visit our Welcome page here for transfer information.

This article helps you get started with confidence by describing what you can expect from Mr. Cooper during—and after—the transfer process.

The Mr. Cooper Difference

We’re not your average mortgage company, so we don’t provide average service.

Your Transfer Details: Wells Fargo Customers

  • If you were signed up for monthly automatic payment drafts, that information will be transferred to us, but you will need to confirm that you would like them to continue. You will receive information about how to do that in your welcome letter.

    Note: Your first draft may be delayed by up to 10 days but there won’t be any late fee or credit impact. After that, payments will be drafted on the regular date.

    • Automatic payment drafts of any other frequency, like biweekly, will not continue.
      Note: Once the transfer is complete, you can enroll in our Biweekly AutoPay.
  • You will have a new loan number, which is included in your welcome letter.

    Note: Lost your letter? No problem! You can use your old loan number to access your specific transfer information on our Welcome page.

General Transfer Information

These are some of the most important things to know about account transfers, and they apply across the board:


  • There are no late fees or negative reporting to the credit bureaus during the first 60 days after your transfer. (Your previous servicer is required to forward us any payments you make to them for 60 days after your transfer date.)

  • This transfer has no impact on your credit rating.


  • If you had an escrow account with your previous servicer, we’ll continue to make your tax and insurance payments promptly.

  • Managing your escrow is convenient from your online account.

  • We also provide escrow support to answer any questions you may have.

Monthly Statements

  • You’ll receive your first monthly statement within 30 days of your transfer date.

  • Want access sooner? Sign in to your online account to view your statement as soon as it’s available.


  • There could be some changes in your fees. For more details, review our complete list of fees.

Loan Terms

  • The terms of your loan remain exactly the same.

  • This means your interest rate, monthly principal and interest payment, and repayment timeframe are all identical to what they were with your previous servicer.

Other Scenarios

  • If you had a workout or modification plan with your previous servicer, we’ll continue it. Just allow us up to 30 days from your transfer date to get all of your account information.

  • If you were in the middle of selling or refinancing your home when the transfer occurred, you can request a payoff quote once your information is in our system.


  • Your previous servicer is required to forward us any payments you make to them for 60 days after your transfer date.
    Note: Once 60 days have passed from your transfer date, please be sure your payments are sent directly to us at the new address provided in your Welcome Packet.

Your Next Steps

There are only a few steps you’ll need to take—we’ve got the rest covered:

  1. Notify your homeowners insurance company that they’ll receive payments from us and have them update the mortgagee clause to the following:

    Nationstar Mortgage LLC
    Its Successors and/or Assigns
    PO Box 7729
    Springfield, OH 45501

  2. If you make payments using your bank’s “Online Bill Pay,” update the payee information to the following:

    Mr. Cooper
    PO Box 650783
    Dallas, TX 75265

  3. Create your online account to easily manage your account at any time.

    • You can register to get access to your online account within 7 days of your official transfer date.

    • Once you’ve created an account, you can download our secure mobile app. With our app in your pocket, stress-free homeownership is at your fingertips.

Moving Forward

We’re committed to delighting our customers, so if you have any questions that our Welcome page or Help Center don’t fully address, you can reach us via chat once you’re signed in.