Statements & 1098/1099

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were on a forbearance plan during part of the year—or exited a forbearance plan and deferred missed payments—you will receive a 1098 with only the interest reported that was paid by you. Deferred interest is not reported.

On your monthly statement, you’ll see what you owe and how much is going to principal, interest, escrow (taxes & insurance), and anything else.

Other key information on your monthly statement includes year-to-date amounts and your current interest rate.

Paperless means we’ll stop sending your documents in the mail. Instead, you can securely view, download, and/or print them from the “Statements” section of your online account.

Easily turn on Paperless on the “Settings” page.

We’ll send out your monthly statement no later than two weeks before the next due date.

Your statement will be available online around the middle of January, leaving you plenty of time to reference it for filing your taxes.

If you are not signed up for Paperless, your statement will be mailed to you by January 31st.

If you refinanced your loan during the previous year, you’ll receive two statements, one from each servicer, for each separate loan number.

Reasons why you may not have received a monthly statement could include:

  • Your payment was late the previous month, causing a delay.
  • You've had a recent change of address.
  • You were recently transferred to us from another mortgage servicer.
  • Your account is enrolled in Paperless statements.
  • The account is in a state of bankruptcy.
  • You have attorney representation for a mortgage-related matter.