Monthly Statements

We’ll send out your monthly statement no later than 2 weeks before the next due date.

Whenever needed, you can also view your statement online to find out what you owe and when it’s due.

Note: Our secure, automated phone system can also send you a one-time link to view your statement—just call 833-685-2565.


Here are the key elements included in your monthly statement, along with a visual guide to help you locate them:

1. Statement Information

This is your basic information, like the date your statement was generated, loan number, amount due, and payment due date.

2. Explanation of Amount Due

This shows a breakdown of your payment, including the amounts applied toward principal, interest, and escrow.

3. Account Overview

This will show your current principal balance, escrow balance, and interest rate.

4. Past Payment Breakdown

This section recaps your last payment and the payments you’ve made to date this year. It shows how much went to principal, interest, escrow, optional insurance, and any miscellaneous fees.

5. Helpful Information

Here you’ll find important explanations and special notices pertaining to your account, plus useful tips for managing your home loan.

6. Transaction Activity

A basic recap of the recent transactions on your account and the resulting balances, as well as disbursements we’ve made on your behalf to payees like taxing authorities and insurance providers.

You can see your complete transaction history by signing in to your online account.

7. Payment Coupon

If you pay by mail, please fill out, detach, and return this section with your check or money order.

You can also make a fast and easy payment online, anytime. Sign in to your account to make a one-time payment or set up AutoPay.

Do You Have Lender-Paid Expenses?

If you had any expenses that we were required to pay on your behalf, like legal fees, repair costs, or property inspections, then you’ll see these on the second page of your statement.

Reading Your Monthly Statement