California Supplemental Taxes

If your property is in California and the assessor finds a value increase—due to a recent appraisal, improvements, or new construction—you may receive supplemental tax bills on the increased property value.

  • Unlike your ordinary annual taxes, the supplemental tax is a one-time tax which starts from the date you take ownership of your property or complete the construction until the end of the tax year on June 30th.

IMPORTANT: These taxes are the homeowners’ responsibility and they will not be paid through your escrow account with us. However, if supplemental taxes are not paid and the property becomes subject to a tax lien or tax sale, we may make the payment from your escrow account, resulting in an increased monthly payment after the next escrow analysis.

When Will I Be Billed for the Supplemental Tax?

Depending on your taxing authority, you could be billed in as little as three weeks, or as much as over six months.

What if I Disagree with the New Value?

Once the assessor appraises your property and advises you of the new supplemental assessment amount, you will have the opportunity to discuss your valuation, apply for a Homeowner's Exemption, or file an Assessment Appeal directly with the taxing authority.