Managing Automatic Payments

Setting Up

Setting up AutoPay is quick, easy, and free. Select your payment amount, bank account, and payment date, and we’ll deduct your payment on the same day every month.

Setting Up AutoPay

(You can also set up AutoPay by printing, completing, and mailing us this form.)

Making Changes

Change your payment amount, bank account, or payment date in your AutoPay settings online at any time. New settings will take effect immediately.

Note:If you need to cancel your AutoPay, it must be done at least 24 hours before your next scheduled payment to stop it from being deducted.

Unexpected Changes to Your Automatic Payment Amount

What you owe each month can be affected by things like an escrow shortage, a change in your rate, or a loan modification.

  • If this happens, we’ll adjust your AutoPay deduction accordingly.
  • We’ll send you a letter notifying you right away, and always before we make an AutoPay deduction in the new amount.