Find the Right Agent

Real estate agents act as your personal representative, helping look out for your best interests, finding homes that meet your criteria, helping you make and evaluate offers, and even negotiating on your behalf. We recommend spending time to make sure you find the right one.

Here are some questions to ask before hiring one:

How many homes have you helped buyers purchase and or sell in the past year?

  • You should get a sense of how much expertise the agent has to navigate the current market and that their experience fits your specific needs.

  • You may also want to understand their local or neighborhood knowledge and whether they specialize in certain types of real estate transactions (land, rentals, or investment properties may or may not be as relevant to your needs).

How many years of experience do you have and do you work full- or part-time?

  • A seasoned agent can help you avoid overpaying and spot common problems with a house.

  • But equally important is understanding how much time and effort an agent typically puts toward clients. It can also reveal if an agent will be available for last-minute showings, negotiations, and inspections.