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The Best Flooring For Dogs, Pet Proof Carpet & Other Home Upgrades For Pet Owners

It may come as little surprise that Americans are willing to spend just about any amount of money on their beloved pets. According to the American Pet Producers Associations, Americans spent nearly $70 billion on their pets in 2017 — up more than four percent from 2016. Sure, there are the typical pet expenses like food, vet bills, and grooming. But there is also a sizable group of pet owners who take investing in their pets a step further. Enter: pet-specific home renovations, which are on the rise and helping pet owners install everything from the best flooring for dogs to pet-proof carpet and better-looking puppy gates.

According to research conducted by Furniture Today, 52 percent of pet owners surveyed said that in 2016 they made some sort of upgrade to their home specifically with their pets in mind.

More specifically, 23 percent of surveyed pet owners installed fences for their yards. And while fencing can be an investment, it’s on many home buyers’ checklists — and a fence could potentially affect the value of the pet owner’s property.

Most pet owners know how frustrating pet-made messes can be. It’s likely this frustration that fueled the 22 percent survey respondents who made improvements to their home to help cut down on the pet messes — or at the very least, make cleaning up easier.

  • 12 percent of pet owners installed doggie doors in their home.
  • 10 percent installed laminate floors.
  • 3 percent of surveyed pet owners created litter box closets for their cat companions, which often means designating one closet in a home for a litter box and installing a “kitty door” that’s only big enough for the cat. (This method that hides the unsightly litter box, while still giving cats access and privacy.)

While a full-blown washing station would be a glamorous addition to any pet owners’ home, only 1 percent of surveyed pet owners installed them in 2016. For most, this type of home update is an unnecessary one — expensive to install with no real return on investment. (Plus, there’s a spigot and hose outside that might work just as well.)

Tell us, pet owners: What’s on your pet-specific home update list?