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Entry Way Ideas For Creating A Functional Drop Zone

5 Entry Way Ideas for Creating a Functional Drop Zone

You know the scene: You walk into your house carrying your computer bag, your kids’ backpacks, a grocery sack, car keys, and an umbrella from the morning. Most of the items are lucky if they make it through the door, and before you know it, your entry way looks like a tornado has blown through it.

Here’s some good news: Being intentional about designing a “drop zone” space can make getting out (and into) the door much easier. Here are five simple tips that you can use to create a functional drop zone.

1. Assess the situation
Before you start organizing, assess what needs to be done. Take inventory of the items currently occupying your space and begin planning how to best organize them — whether that includes shelving, bins, or other storage solutions.

2. Contain the clutter
Consider all of the little miscellaneous items you have, and visualize their ideal “home.” This can be as easy as picking up a few small trays or baskets for items like car keys, loose toys, sunglasses, and spare change.

3. Add hooks for hanging
Coats and jackets take up a lot of room when they’re strewn all over the place. Adding a few hooks to your space is one of our favorite entry way ideas that will allow you to hang items in a more orderly fashion. Not only will your space look tidier, but your clothing will also remain wrinkle-free.

4. Consider drawers or baskets for shoes
No one likes to walk into a house and trip over a heaping pile of shoes. Another favorite among our entry way ideas is to add drawers or baskets to your drop zone, specifically for shoe and sports equipment storage.

5. Don’t forget the necessities
A drop zone is nothing if not functional, and keeping the necessities within reach will help make your mornings more organized. Think: umbrellas, spare set of house and car keys, and pet leashes.