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5 Free Budgeting Apps To Help You Save Smarter

Being smart about how you spend and save money has its benefits, and there are lots of resources out there that can help. Here are 5 free budgeting apps that can help you optimize different areas of your spending and saving — and maybe even become a better budgeter.

1. Flipp©
Some things truly are necessities, and Flipp is an app that serves up hundreds of coupons and thousands of weekly ads from local retailers and brands. This free budgeting app can help you plan regular grocery runs and shopping trips by helping you clip coupons, create and save shopping lists, and compare prices on items you know that you need.

2. GoodRX©
Prescription medications can be expensive. One free budgeting app that could help you track and optimize your spending on medicines is GoodRX, which provides coupons, price comparison tools, and tips that are specifically designed to help you become savvier about where you buy your meds, since medication prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

3. Hopper
If you travel often or even occasionally, Hopper is a free budgeting app worth looking into. This handy app predicts prices on flights and hotels with impressive accuracy up to a year in advance, which allows you to chart the best time to make a reservation or buy a ticket.

4. Debt Payoff Planner & Tracker
Part of being financially smart is managing your debt, especially if you have multiple monthly payments on a mortgage, credit cards, student loans, car payments, or other expenses. The Debt Payoff Planner & Tracker is a free budgeting app that can provide a simple way for you to track monthly debts and build a plan to tackle them. Just enter the amounts you owe and your budget into the app, and let it calculate an optimized plan that could work perfectly just for you.

5. Goodbudget
Goodbudget is a free budgeting app that makes it easy to create a virtual “envelope budget” that tracks your spending. Simply create virtual envelopes for each area of your budget (food, clothes, entertainment, and bills, for example) and enter each transaction whenever you make a purchase or a payment. You can also share your Goodbudget with family or friends, adding a level of accountability that could go a long way.


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