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10 Closet Storage Ideas For Maximizing Space

Closets tend to look larger before they are full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or your current closet just needs some reworking, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 closet storage ideas to help you maximize closet space at home.

1. Add shelving
The most obvious space-saving solution for a closet is shelves. Often times, closets may only have one shelf toward the top. Take advantage of tall ceilings by adding an additional row of shelves to store out-of-season or rarely-used items.

2. Add a step ladder
If you’re taking advantage of height in your closet, you will need an easily accessible step ladder. Find one that folds up so that it doesn’t take up too much space. Leave it in your closet so it’s never more than an arm’s reach away.

3. Create a system for shoes
If left unorganized, shoes can easily make a closet look cluttered. Consider shelves, cubbies, or swivel racks to create an organized system for shoes that works for you. You may also opt to store your out-of-season shoes elsewhere.

4. Use suitcases and bags for storage
If you’re storing your suitcases or large totes in your closet, take advantage of the space by using them for storage. Just make sure whatever you store in them is easy to remove when you actually need to use the luggage.

5. Replace your hangers
Hanger size can make a big difference in a small space. Investing in thin or space-saving hangers will allow you to fit more in your closet.

6. Group short pieces together
Dedicating a section of your closet to shorter items like shirts and skirts allows you to take advantage of the floor space beneath the clothes. This often-neglected area is a great place to add drawers or shelves.

7. Use the back side of the door
The back side of your closet door is a great place to store a variety of items. As long as your door opens and closes easily, you can add a few hooks or door storage racks for additional space.

8. Consider overhead storage solutions
If your space allows, consider storing items you don’t often use with an overhead storage rack. Think: luggage and seasonal items. (Just make sure you have your step ladder handy!)

9. Use your walls
Closet walls are often left empty, but they are a great place to hang scarfs, belts, hats, and jewelry. Add a few hooks and take advantage of the otherwise unused space.

10. Edit constantly
Perhaps the most important tip for maximizing closet space is to edit your clothing collection constantly and purge often. If you aren’t using something, consider donating it. A maintained closet will make it that much easier to find what you’re looking for while also keeping the space organized and functional.