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7 Creative Storage Ideas For Everyone

If your home is short on storage space, create some more by updating your rooms with clever ways to tuck away your things. Getting organized doesn’t have to be an expensive renovation! Here are seven creative storage ideas that you can do yourself.

1. Put Shoes in their Place.
Areas around your front and back doors tend to collect shoes, which can be a mess without proper shoe storage. A cube organizer is a great idea for storing all of the stuff you take off when you get home. Plus, it makes putting things away and finding them later easier than ever. Installing hooks in the same area for coats and jackets could save you space in your closets as well.

2. Use the Space Under Beds
If your bedroom closet is too full of clothes, why not create some storage underneath your bed? A bed with built-in drawers allows for much more storage space in your bedroom. You can also keep clothes in flat baskets that easily slide in and out from under your bed.

3. Keep Dry Goods in Containers
Save space in your cupboard or pantry by putting your dry goods and spices in containers. Clear, airtight canisters help keep your food both fresh and organized. Bonus: This tip might even encourage you to buy in bulk, which could save money at the grocery store!

4. Slide Shelves Out of the Way
Another creative storage idea for your dry goods is to install a slide-out pantry. A tall hidden cabinet can go a long way when it comes to organizing your kitchen. If the cabinet is open on both sides, it makes it easy to see what you have — which might even make figuring out what to cook for dinner a little simpler.

5. Get More Than a TV Stand
If you want to create more storage in a small space, think about doubling your television stand as a storage unit. Getting a unit with storage built around it can be aesthetically pleasing and give you great utility.

6. Hang Utensils
If you’re looking to clear out drawer space in your kitchen, you’ve just found your fix. Install hooks and hang your most-used utensils. This simple upgrade can help add character to your kitchen and keep the tools you use most often close by!

7. Install Extra Storage in Your Laundry Room
If your laundry room doesn’t have proper storage, the whole area can become a mess in no time. Think about utilizing slide-out hampers to organize clean and dirty laundry, hanging rods for air-drying, and shelves for detergent, so you’re putting every inch of space in your laundry room to efficient use.