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Home Organization Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Home Organization Inspiration

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Marie Kondo has revolutionized the world of home organization, sparking joy and leaving a trail of discarded clothes and neatly rolled t-shirts behind her. But she’s not the only guru on hand to help you out. Here are eight of our favorite Instagram accounts for home organization inspiration.

1. @TheHomeEdit

With a Netflix series on the way, The Home Edit is run by best friends Clea and Joanna. The Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles-based home organizing company run by the duo has re-arranged kitchens and bathroom drawers for some of the biggest stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Mandy Moore, and former closet organizer Kim Kardashian.

From perfectly organized closets to squeaky-clean kitchen cupboards, they’ve even got great advice on cleaning while you’re on COVID-19 lockdown.

2. @abowlfulloflemons

Toni Hammersley’s Instagram feed is a great reflection of the ever-expanding empire she’s built. It’s packed with tips and challenges to help you organize your home, but also has some wonderful photography that’ll make you want to go and tidy up immediately.

3. @horderly

Hordely, owned by husband and wife duo Jamie and Filip Hord, is full of smart storage solutions for every room in your house. They have a YouTube channel that will inspire you for days and provide direct links to most of the products in their posts. Even better, Horderly offers virtual organizing if you’re not located within their market.

4. @thetidyhomenashville

If you’re looking to organize your home while keeping it functional and stylish, The Tidy Home Nashville is the account for you. baskets and boxes are your thing, this is the account for you. Learn to declutter, tidy and brighten your spaces with their quick tips, daily inspiration photos and Q&As.

5. @organizingstories

From small projects to large, whole-room overhauls, this account has you covered. The creator behind @organizingstories isn’t afraid of color and has a knack for creating compelling and strangely calming content, so this feed will keep you both entertained and inspired.

6. @simplyspaced

With a background in design, Monica Leed has spent over 10 years perfecting the art of space design. She’s no stranger to the power of organizational systems and has tips for how to organize any room, from garage to pantry. Get ready to be inspired with beautiful photos, pro tips and motivational quotes.

7. @b.books.s

Is there anything more attractive in a room than well-organized bookshelves? If there’s one thing videoconferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of having a good bookcase behind you. This account brings together some jaw-droppingly beautiful examples from around the world, from fitted shelves to lovingly-arranged libraries—prepare to have bookcase envy.

8. @mariekondo

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget her. The undisputed queen of tidying, Marie Kondo’s Instagram page definitely sparks joy, and gives a glimpse into her own (ridiculously well organized, as you’d expect) home life. As always, she’s practical as well as aspirational, with some great tips and tricks you can use in your own home.