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7 Garage Storage Ideas You Can Use

Just because garages are home to lots of miscellaneous items doesn’t mean they can’t be organized! And putting a bit of strategic design into the space in your garage can help reduce the hours you spend digging through bins and baskets, searching for one specific item. Here are seven of our favorite garage storage ideas to help you organize a garage that’s tidy and functional.

1. Map out a floor plan
Before you tackle the actual organization part of this project, map out a plan that makes sense for your individual garage. Store frequently used items in an area that is easy to access, and store similar items near one another to create a more efficient and functional space.

2. Take advantage of ceiling space
Installing overhead storage solutions for the ceiling of your garage is a great way to save floor space. Consider using overhead storage for items you don’t often use, like seasonal décor and old strollers or toys you might be saving for the future.

3. Stack bins on shelves
Plastic bins are a great place to store a variety of items, but organizing them in a large stack can make it difficult to access a lot of what they are storing. Organizing bins on shelves will make it easier to pull out any bin and find exactly what you are looking for.

4. Use wire shelving units
Wire shelving units are great for garages for a few reasons: They don’t get as dusty as solid shelves, they make it easy to see what you have, and they tend to be easy to assemble.

5. Create track systems to hang bins
With minimal materials often readily available in kits at most hardware stores, you can create a simple track system that allows you to hang plastic bins on the walls of your garage. Consider using this method for a recycling sorting station, storing athletic gear, or organizing miscellaneous tools and gadgets.

6. Use ball corrals
Corrals with bungee cords are a great place to store balls, because they contain while providing easy access (and a quick search on the Internet will yield lots of tutorials for creating your own).

7. Add corner shelves
Corners are often unused real estate in a garage. Adding shelves to your corners will allow you to maximize your space without taking up too much precious floor space.