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Housewarming Party Ideas For Guaranteed Fun

Moving into a new home is so exciting, especially once you’re ready to host a housewarming party!

Now that you’re officially finished with one of the bigger purchases you’ll ever make, it’s time for some real fun. Your family, friends, and new neighbors are just as excited. What’s a better way to celebrate buying your house than by showing it off?

Here are a few housewarming party ideas to help:

Part 1: Planning Makes Perfect

  • Do you want an intimate setting, or a casual open-house environment? Are you only expecting your close friends and family, or are you extending the invitation  to everybody, including your new neighbors? Be sure to consider the amount of space you have and your budget for the party before finalizing the guest list.
  • Pick a reasonable date for when you know you’ll be completely settled in. Decide on whether you want to hold the party during daytime hours or later in the evening. Once you figured out your date and time, send the invitations out in a timely manner (2-3 weeks before the party).
  • Evites are always convenient, but if you decide to go the paper route, include a handwritten note such as, “Hope to see you there!” on the invitation. Add directions to your new place on the invitation (your guests will greatly appreciate the gesture!). Also, request an RSVP from your guests so you can budget how much food to prepare.
  • Whether you want a sit-down dinner or a nice selection of finger foods, you’ll want to have plenty for your guests to sip and nibble on!
  • One of our favorite housewarming party ideas is to create a great vibe. Easily accomplish this by making playlists on streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music!

Part 2: Party Prep

  • Since you’ll be having people visiting your new home, everything needs to be top-notch. First impressions are important: everything should be unpacked, organized, and looking presentable. Decorate your home with cute accents such as candles and pillows to achieve a more homey look. Also, go the extra mile to ensure that your bathrooms are looking nice.
  • Is there enough room for your guests to move around comfortably? Consider rearranging the furniture to cater to their needs.
  • One of the most important housewarming party ideas: Store away all valuables or breakables. The last thing you want is to be having too good of a time and end up accidentally breaking something!

Part 3: Party Time!

  • Greet each of your guests as they come in to ensure that they always remember a friendly spirit and a lovely home whenever they think of you. If you’re unable to man the front door all night, have a close friend or family member take over.
  • Offer tours of your new home! Whenever it’s a big enough crowd (or if you want to split them up into smaller groups), take them on a quick tour around the house. It is the reason everyone’s here: to check out your beautiful new spot!
  • Have a guestbook where your guests can sign, leave compliments, and suggest tips and advice on how to maintain your new home. This will be incredibly helpful and sweet.

Showing off your home sweet home is an exciting event, and we hope you’re able to plan the housewarming party of your dreams with this list of helpful housewarming party ideas.