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Summer party ideas

5 Summer Party Ideas For Your Next Bash

There’s something so special about a summer party. The extra daylight and looser schedules allow guests to unwind without the pressures of early school mornings and work days. And while hosting parties can certainly be overwhelming, a summer party doesn’t have to be. Here are five summer party ideas to help you host a perfectly effortless party.

1. Keep It Casual
The most important rule of hosting in the summer is to keep it casual. Save the good China for the winter holidays; Summer parties are all about festive paper plates and fun napkins. Keep everything from the menu to the décor simple and casual.

2. Provide Entertainment
Especially if kids will be at the party, make sure you have some entertainment on hand (and it can be as simple as a sprinkler for the kids, or summer party games like cornhole or horseshoes for all ages). You don’t have to go overboard; the chance to run and play and enjoy the outdoors is what summer get-togethers are all about.

3. Have The Essentials On Hand
To keep the bugs and burns away, set out a basket with sunscreen and bug spray for guests to help themselves. Always keep a first aid kit handy, too. Make sure you’re stocked with bottled water to help guests stay hydrated in the hotter weather.

4. Plan A Hassle-Free Summer Party Menu
No host wants to be in the kitchen prepping the food while their company is socializing. Serve foods that are easy to make and can be prepped ahead of time. Consider summer party menu items like grilled hot dogs or burgers, watermelon, and veggies and dip. Save the heavy and labor intensive dishes for the cooler months.

5. Decorate For The Season
Summer parties don’t require much décor. String patio lights or clip a few seasonal flowers from your garden to put in vases for a pop of festiveness.

Who says your guests get to have all the fun? This summer, challenge yourself to throw a no-fuss get-together with these summer party ideas, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!