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Holiday Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Hosting friends in your home is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. But preparing for such an event can be stressful and pricey, especially if you’re looking to invite a good number of guests. To take the stress out of party planning and impress your guests, here are a few inexpensive holiday party ideas that are also easy to plan and execute.

Add Bins & Coat Racks

As soon as you open the door for a guest, they will want to peel off all their layers — coats, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. Keeping a few nice-looking bins or a coat rack by the door will keep your entryway looking clean and organized, and also prevent your guests from misplacing their items during the night.

Set A Mood With Mason Jars & Votive Candles

Pricier candles don’t necessarily create a better ambiance. For the price of one designer candle, you can purchase a large pack of votive candles and a twelve-pack of small mason jars to put them in. Place them throughout your party space — on the dining table, coffee table, fireplace mantle, etc. — to create that special, candlelit glow. (Just make sure they’re not too close to any of your holiday decorations, and read our holiday safety tips to learn more).

Stock Up On  Holiday Treats

Any experienced host will tell you that lots of snacks are part of the most successful parties. If your guests never go hungry, they’ll always be happy. Laying out holiday-themed treats, like homemade peppermint brownies or store-bought toffees and candies, for guests to nibble on throughout the evening will not only keep everyone full, but also make your table look festive.

Clink Mini Bottles of Champagne

Champagne is a key element at the best holiday parties, and serving guests their own mini-bottles makes the experience feel extra personal and fun. Serving each bottle with holiday-themed paper straws or tie little themed notes to them, or even send a bottle home with each of your guests as a party favor.

Focus On Food Presentation

Whether you worked hard to cook for your guests or spent money on catering, you want your party food to look as good as it tastes. Using serving pieces like cake stands that add height create a layered look on your table or counter, and add eclectic serving ware can bring visual interest to each dish and make it look more appealing and festive.

Build A Big Cheese Board

A great cheese board always attracts a swarm of guests. To make yours one of the better holiday party ideas of the evening, add color and visual interest with fruit, pickled veggies, and herb garnishes. Also, don’t forget to have a variety of cracker and bread options. Show guests where to find their favorite cheeses by labeling each one. An oversized board can turn the whole snack into a statement piece and also let more of your guests grab what they want.

Deck The Halls With Cozy Accessories

Swapping out some of you regular decor with accessories that look warm and wintry can make the difference in creating a space that reads “holiday” to your guests. As the night winds down, guests will enjoy snuggling under a thick, faux fur blanket or nestling into cozy, knit throw pillows as they enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, soft holiday music, or the twinkling lights on the tree.

Strategically Place Scented Candles

Good lighting is an important part of any party (and the Mason Jar approach will bring a low-lit, romantic vibe), but a scented candle or two can add a wonderful aroma to your holiday party. Whether you prefer the scent of fresh pine, warm cinnamon, or freshly-baked holiday treats, lighting a scented candle before guests arrive is one of our favorite holiday party ideas, because it makes your home an even more inviting place to be.

Consider A Chalk Menu Board

A handwritten menu board is one simple detail that makes a big impact — especially when you’re looking for holiday party ideas that will really shine. Even if you purchased most of the food for your party, taking the time to give guests a little preview of what’s on the menu will make your party more special and reflect the effort you put into planning the evening.