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How to pack for a move

How To Pack For A Move In 7 Steps

Whether you’ve recently moved or are planning to move in the near future, you probably know the challenge that is packing up and moving an entire house. Starting the process can feel overwhelming, but with a little bit of planning and organization, you can be out of your house with minimal pain. Here’s how to pack for a move like a pro.

1. Purge
Moving is a great opportunity to declutter. Before you begin packing, get rid of anything you no longer need. When you arrive to your new home, it’s a good plan to only have items you want or need.

2. Schedule a donation pickup or drop off
Do a bit of research to figure out how you’d like to donate your unneeded or unsold items. Many organizations will pick up items from your home — you just need to schedule the appointment in advance. If you plan to drop off items, call ahead and make sure donation centers are currently accepting the items you wish to donate.

3. Be strategic
There are a couple of different ways you can go about packing your home. If you are moving to a home with a similar layout and number of rooms, it may make sense to pack your house one room at a time. If your new home is a completely different space than your current one, you may consider organizing and packing by category instead of room (box together books, lamps, décor, etc.).

4. Start early
You can never start packing your home too early. Begin with décor and seasonal items that you know you won’t need for a while and store the boxes in a place that is out-of-the-way. Any time you have a few extra minutes, pack up a drawer or a shelf. Anything you do ahead of time will help make the process easier.

5. Create a master to-do list
A critical component to staying organized is having a master to-do list, and keeping in a place where all family members can see it. Be as detailed as possible and include all of the information you might need to complete any of the tasks. If you need to call to move your utilities and internet services, include the phone numbers. Any important dates and deadlines should be clearly noted.

6. Accumulate boxes
Before you start purchasing boxes, ask around to see if anyone has any to donate. Liquor stores are a great place to snag a few wine cases that can be used to pack glasses and other breakables.

7. Label well
If you have hired movers or have friends or family helping with your move, it’s even more important to clearly label all of your boxes. When you get to your new home, label the rooms, too. This will make it easy for anyone who’s helping to sort boxes. You’ll probably want all of the help you can get come move-in day!