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How to Unpack After Moving: Strategies For Every Personality

Congratulations! You bought your dream home, got a great deal on your mortgage (wink, nudge), packed up the old place, and now you’re standing in your amazing new place…surrounded by boxes and bins. The internet is full of advice on how to unpack after moving. But your best unpacking strategy is actually a reflection of your personality and top priorities. Moving can be disruptive for anyone, but you can minimize stress by setting up the most important rooms first. See which personality type below best reflects you, then learn how to unpack after moving.

The Essential Host
Your kitchen is the heart of your home, the place where everyone gathers. You love entertaining, and your home is probably the go-to holiday destination. When you eat out, it’s because you want to — not because you have to. With a move, there are always going to be a few days and nights of take-out. But for you, the sooner your kitchen is organized and stocked, the more “at home” you’ll feel. Having to rely on restaurants for every meal can be taxing (and expensive!). You’ll be healthiest and happiest when you’re settled into a regular mealtime routine.
Bonus tip: When you’re restocking basics like dish soap and cereal, grab some fresh fruits and veggies. The bright colors will lift your spirits, and the vitamins they contain will give you the energy you need to keep unpacking.

The High-Powered Go-Getter
For you, a harmonious home starts with personal self-confidence. Chances are, you have somewhere to be on Monday morning and you want to put your best foot forward. Make it stress-free by getting your closet and bathroom in order first — then there will be no hunting for your hairbrush or your favorite pair of shoes. Your bedroom and bathroom are where you start (and end) each day, so once your personal effects are organized and you’re ready to face the world, the rest of the house can be arranged at your leisure.

The Bon Vivant
When you need a break from opening boxes, where are you going to go? The living room, of course. The living room is your retreat. It’s where you take a load off, where you binge watch your favorite TV shows, where you re-center and recharge. You probably also express your personal style through your décor: photos, art, and furniture. For you, a decorated, organized living room is really going to make your house feel like a home sweet home.
Bonus Tip: If friends or family drop by to see the new place, you’ll have the most important room clean, organized, and ready for them to sit and admire.

The Leader of the Pack
They say you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child, and moving can be especially stressful for kids. Getting their rooms set up first can be a recipe for family harmony — and an essential for maintaining your normal routines. After all, the sooner they’re unpacked, the sooner they’ll adjust to the new space. If they’re too young to help unpack the rest of the house, you’ll have given them a place to stay occupied and happy.

Which one of these best describes you? What’s your unpacking strategy? We’d love to hear from you!