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8 Packing Tips for Moving Efficiently

Moving can be a serious hassle regardless of whether you’re downsizing or moving into a more spacious home. There are so many parts to the process, and things can easily become hectic if you don’t have the right supplies and a plan of action. To make sure your move comes with the minimal amount of stress, follow these eight packing tips for moving.

1. Buy More Packing Tape Than You Think You Need
If you’ve done this before, then you’ve probably learned that moves usually require more packing tape than you already have. The roll might look big enough to handle all of your packing needs but looks can certainly be deceiving — and making multiple trips to the store could waste time that you could otherwise use for packing and getting organized.

 2. Think Recycled Or Free
You can find packing materials almost everywhere! Newspapers, tabloids, mailers, and magazines are often available for free (and you might have a stash of them already), so try to utilize what you have instead of spending money on packing peanuts and paper.

3. Cover Your Box Bases
Not unlike tape, it’s easy to think you have enough boxes before they are suddenly all packed to the brim. Check neighborhood groups on social media to find recently moved neighbors who might be giving away used boxes, or if you buy some new ones, remember that you can always save them for your next move or use them for storage in an attic or closet.

4. Roll Clothes Instead of Folding
This space-saving method allows more clothes to fit in a box; simply roll your shirts and pants like you would a sleeping bag and pack them into a box or suitcase side by side.

5. Invest In (Or Rent) A Dolly
Dollies make moving bulky furniture and heavy boxes so much easier. Instead of carrying them one at a time, dollies make it easy to stack three or four boxes on top of each other and roll them to the house or truck with very little effort — a huge benefit to people who are moving themselves versus hiring movers. Plus, you can wheel the dolly exactly where you’ll be unpacking the boxes and unpack in that spot for added efficiency.

6. Invest In (Or Rent) Rolling Platforms
Rolling platforms are a great way to move bulky items that won’t fit on a dolly. Two rolling platforms will move almost any item in your house — from your couch to your dining table to your armchair.

7. Write on Tape, Not on Boxes
Writing on boxes in black marker is a great way to label what’s in the box and where the box is going. But if you’re reusing packing materials, things can get confusing. Solve this problem by writing the contents or the location on a piece of tape and then sticking the tape onto the box. When you need to use the box again, just rip the piece of tape off and repeat.

8. Make a Moving Playlist
Moving can be stressful, but a great soundtrack can help keep your chin up and reduce stress. Try creating a playlist full of your favorite energetic songs to pack or move to. It could help improve your move and your mood!