Important Homepoint Updates


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper (“Mr. Cooper”) has recently acquired Homepoint. For important account information, please refer to your most recent statement or letter(s). It contains the latest servicing information for your account.

Additional Contact and Support

For loans paid in full before June 2022

If your loan was paid in full prior to June 2022, please call 800-686-2404 for assistance.

For loans transferred to ServiceMac

If your loan was paid in full or was transferred to ServiceMac on or after June 2022, please contact ServiceMac at 855-391-8340.

  • This includes loans that were transferred to Mr. Cooper, powered by ServiceMac on or after June 2022
  • You can also access additional account information online at www.myMRCServiceMac.com

For loans transferred to Mr. Cooper

If your loan recently transferred to Mr. Cooper, here’s how to get more information about the status of your loan:

- Visit www.mrcooper.com
- Try Chat Support at www.mrcooper.com
- Call Mr. Cooper at (888) 480-2432