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Get cash for home upgrades or other big expenses — with or without refinancing your first mortgage!

The Mr. Cooper Advantage:

Reduced Costs

Our customers reduced their monthly debt payments by an average of over $400/month with debt consolidation refinance.

Added Convenience

We give you an all-in-one toolkit for your homebuying journey. Start your house hunt right by getting a speedy online Pre-Approval. Then use Mr. Cooper StreetSmarts to browse the latest home listings, and more.

Reduce High-Interest Debt

We’ll set you up with a dedicated mortgage professional to eliminate stress and make homebuying a breeze. Plus our 24/7 chat team is available for on-demand help. Get the support you need, on your time!

Get a Quick Quote on a Smart RefinanceWhether you’re looking to lower your payment, consolidate debt, or get cash out, refinancing your current mortgage could be easier than you think.