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Mr. Cooper simplifies your homebuying experience to what matters most. By focusing on cost, convenience and commitment to great service, we’ll put you on the fast-track to becoming a happy homeowner. Team up with one of our mortgage experts, earn cash-back options — and get ready to make your smartest move yet!

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The Mr. Cooper Advantage:

Reduced Costs

Need more ways to save? We’ll knock 1% off your rate for the first year of your mortgage1. You may also qualify for a cash-back bonus from our Cooper Cashback program.3

Added Convenience

We give you an all-in-one toolkit for your homebuying journey. Start your house hunt right by getting a speedy online Pre-Approval. Then use Mr. Cooper StreetSmarts to browse the latest home listings, and more.

Commitment to Excellence

We’ll set you up with a dedicated mortgage professional to eliminate stress and make homebuying a breeze. Plus our 24/7 chat team is available for on-demand help. Get the support you need, on your time!

Find Your Cash Back Amount

With Mr. Cooper, you could get cash back when you buy, sell, or do both. No catch. No hidden fees. Plug in your numbers to see how much you could earn.


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Selling or buying? With Mr. Cooper RightMove, you can’t go wrong.

Take the stress out of buying and selling with Mr. Cooper RightMove, your all-in-one toolkit for the homebuying journey. From instant Pre-Approval to Close On Time Guarantee, we have the tools to help you make your best move yet.

Buy a home with Mr. Cooper and we'll reduce your rate by 1% for the first year on your new home purchase.¹ 

Don’t stress about unpredictable rates. Buy a home now and swap out your rate later with a reduced origination fee.2 

Connect with a top, local real estate agent and you may receive up to $10k cashback when you use the Cooper CashBack program to buy and sell.3 

Mr. Cooper’s exclusive platform helps you browse the latest listings, get real-time housing market insights, and set up home alerts. 

House hunt with confidence! Our new online pre-approval process is convenient, fast, and free—print your letter in minutes and it’s valid for 120 days! 

Making your offer stand out from the competition is fast, easy, and secure. When you’re ready to make an offer, we’ll verify your financial information to generate your Verified Approval Letter in only hours.4 

We’re so committed to closing your loan on time, we’ll cover your first month’s mortgage payment (principal + interest) in the event of a delayed closing.5 

When you’re ready
to get moving, so are we.

No matter where you are in the home-buying or selling journey, we can help. 

    Mr. Cooper® 1% Mortgage Markdown Terms and Conditions

    1. Mr. Cooper’s Mortgage Markdown is a temporary buydown program that reduces the borrower’s effective interest rate and effective monthly payment for a one year period of time by establishing a custodial escrow account, which will be funded partially by the lender and partially by the borrower (in the case of a VA loan the account will be funded entirely by the lender), and funds will be dispersed from the escrow account to cover the difference in interest during the one year buydown period which subsidizes the monthly payment amount. Mortgage Markdown is available for purchase loans that are locked by 09/30/2024. Mortgage Markdown is only available on purchase loans for primary residences. Not available on jumbo loans, second mortgages, or refinance transactions. Offer may not be redeemed for cash or credit and is non-transferable. Offer cannot be retroactively applied to any loans. This offer is subject to changes or cancellation at any time at the sole discretion of Mr. Cooper. Not available on all purchase transactions. Additional restrictions/conditions may apply. Offer is contingent on qualification per full underwriting guidelines.

    Mr. Cooper® RateSwap Terms and Conditions

    2. To be eligible for RateSwap, you must lock a new purchase loan with Mr. Cooper by 09/30/2024. Mr. Cooper will waive the origination (application fee in New Jersey) up to $1500 on a refinance within 39 months of the purchase loan’s lock date. All other fees apply. Refinance subject to borrower and property qualifications and credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. Refinanced loan must meet agency and investor guidelines. Limited to the initial refinance of the qualifying loan. You will be required to have made a certain number of timely monthly payments before you can refinance. Applicable on new purchase applications only. Not available for purchase loans currently in process or refinances. Other conditions and restrictions apply. Offer subject to change at any time.

    Mr. Cooper® CooperCashback Terms and Conditions

    3. Up to $10,000 cashback based on customer buying and selling properties with a purchase/sale price of $900,000-$999,999 each using a CooperCashBack agent and receiving $5,000 back per transaction. Cashback offered by independent referral brokerage to customers after closing of the purchase or sale of a property using a broker-introduced real estate agent. Cashback depends on the property sale/purchase price and ranges from $300 for properties under $99,999 and $8,000 for properties $3 million and over. Not available in all states. See full terms and conditions.

    Mr. Cooper’s CooperCashback (“Program”) is offered by Mr. Cooper affiliate HomeSelect Settlement Solutions LLC. (“HSSS”). Referrals to HSSS may provide a financial benefit to Mr. Cooper. Cashback offered by independent referral real estate brokerages to customers after closing the purchase or sale of a property using a broker-introduced real estate agent. The amount of the cashback bonus is based on the purchase or sale price of the property and ranges from $300 for properties under $99,999 and $8,000 for properties $3 million and over. Please check with referral brokerage for details. Cashback bonuses available in most states. Cashback bonuses not available in Alaska or Oklahoma. Offers not available for employer-sponsored relocations or transactions in Iowa or outside the U.S. In Kansas and Tennessee, consumers will be issued gift card. In Mississippi, New Jersey, and Oregon, a commission reduction may be available at closing. Cashback bonuses not available in certain transactions with restricted agent commissions (including many new construction, For Sale by Owner, or For Sale by iBuyer transactions). A Program-referred agent can help identify transactions where the cashback bonus is not available. Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Real estate commissions are negotiable between agent and consumer.

    You are not required to use a real estate agent referred from the Program as a condition of receiving a loan from Mr. Cooper, and you are not required to obtain financing from Mr. Cooper to use the Program.

    This is an advertisement and not a solicitation for agent representation if your property is currently listed with an agent. HomeSelect Settlement Solutions LLC, 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd., Dallas, TX 75019. Licensed Texas Broker, license #588848; Anywhere Leads Inc.,175 Park Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940. Licensed broker in the state of Texas. Broker license #9009191; Clever Real Estate, 6358 Delmar Boulevard, Suite 300, University City, MO 63130. Licensed Texas Broker. Broker license #9010415; Jason Mitchell Real Estate LLC, 1000 Texan Trail, Suite 150, Grapevine, TX 76051. Licensed Texas Broker, Broker license #728806; Vylla Home, 7600 Chevy Chase Rd., Suite 3, Austin, TX 78752. Licensed Texas broker, Broker License #597813.

    Mr. Cooper® Verified Approvals Terms and Conditions

    4. In most cases. Some exceptions include self-employed applications and when all required documents are not received by 2pm CST on business days.

    Mr. Cooper® Close On Time Guarantee Terms and Conditions

    5. The Mr. Cooper® Close On Time Guarantee offers assurance to customers purchasing a home with a Mr. Cooper home loan that the loan will close on or before the contract closing date, or the customer will receive a check equal to their first month’s principal and interest payment (“Guarantee Payment”). The customer is still responsible for making all scheduled loan payments according to the loan documents. For NY customers, this may be subject to attorney availability and requires Mr. Cooper approval.

    Eligibility: To be eligible for the Mr. Cooper® Close On Time Guarantee,
    (1) the customer must:
    (a) submit a complete application for a purchase money home loan product directly to Mr. Cooper;
    (b) provide a fully-executed purchase contract which must include all pages, addendums, and required signatures;
    (c) provide all requested supporting documentation (including income/asset verification documents) needed to make a loan decision and signed initial loan disclosures within 24 hours of submitting the home loan application or within 24 hours of request. All required documents must be submitted electronically using Mr. Cooper’s online portal, Loan Tracker; and
    (d) remain responsive with any further requests from Mr. Cooper and third party providers (such as appraisers and inspectors) in connection with the processing and underwriting of the home loan by providing any required documentation, access to property, or other response within 24 hours of request; and
    (2) The loan application must be for a first lien, conventional, VA, or FHA mortgage loan product. This offer does not apply to non-conventional, or non-QM loan products.
    (3) All required appraisals and an acceptable home inspection must be received 10 days before the Guaranteed Closing Date. Title work must be completed 5 days before the Guaranteed Closing Date. Sufficient funds to close must be verified 5 business days before the Guaranteed Closing Date. All required approvals from third parties (e.g. HOA, Condo certifications, etc.) must be received 5 days prior to the Guaranteed Closing Date. If home purchase is dependent on sale of home, proceeds from home sale must be received same day or before the Guaranteed Closing Date. For home loans to be secured by new construction, Mr. Cooper must receive a completed Final Inspection and/or certificate of occupancy at least 72 hours prior to the Guaranteed Closing Date.

    Guaranteed Closing Date: The purchase contract closing date ("Guaranteed Closing Date") must be at least 21 days for conventional loans and 30 days for VA and FHA loans after the date that the customer submits the complete mortgage application, purchase agreement, and all requested initial supporting documentation (including income/asset verification documents) to Mr. Cooper’s Loan Tracker portal. If the loan does not close on or before the Guaranteed Closing Date (subject to these terms and conditions), the customer will receive the Guarantee Payment in the form of a check following the home loan closing. The customer is responsible for any tax liability related to participating in the program and should consult a tax advisor if there are any questions about their personal tax situation.

    Important Restrictions: The Mr. Cooper® Close On Time Guarantee will not apply if:
    (1) an existing loan application has been submitted by borrower involving same subject property address as of May 19, 2019
    (2) changes are made to the original closing date as documented in the purchase agreement;
    (3) changes are requested to the loan amount, product, or terms requested within 10 days of the Guaranteed Closing Date;
    (4) there are changes to borrower’s income, employment, or debt from time of application to closing;
    (5) closing date extensions are due to a delay in completion of new construction, improvements, or property repairs;
    (6) either borrower or seller fails to meet purchase contract terms and requirements including seller-related delays,
    (7) home loan transaction involves a Co-op, CEMAs, or requires two or more appraisals, and/or
    (8) delay in closing is due to force majeure events including weather, or natural disaster.

    Mr. Cooper reserves the right to amend, terminate, or withdraw the Mr. Cooper® Close On Time Guarantee at any time without prior notice.

    This is not a commitment to lend. All loans are subject to credit and property approval. This offer is non-transferable and may not be combined with any other mortgage offer. Advertised offer is subject to change. If a personal code is present on the advertised offer, you must provide such code to claim the offer. We may gather information about you including, but not limited to, credit bureau information, information for verification of income, information for appraisal and verification of property being used for collateral. We also verify your identity. Income, assets, and debt must meet eligibility requirements as established by Government and/or Lender guidelines.