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How to make a small room look bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Whether you’re living in an apartment, a dorm room, or a home whose rooms are on the smaller size, don’t worry. Undersized spaces are great, and there are many ways to maximize even the tiniest of square footage. Read these seven tips and learn how to make a small room look bigger.

7. Use Furniture Creatively
Sofas with skirts on the bottom and large, boxy chairs can make a room feel small. By exposing the legs of your furniture, you can create a more visible space underneath and open up the room. Keep a few inches between your furniture and the walls of your room to make it look and feel more open.

6. Utilize Hidden Storage
When dealing with a small space, it’s important to make good use of multi-purpose items. Couches, coffee tables, and ottomans with hidden storage are great places to stash your stuff while making your space look less cluttered and busy. Solutions like these can help your space stay organized, too.

5. Use Light Colors
Use lighter colors on walls and floors to naturally reflect light and make your room feel more airy and open. Darker colors absorb light, which can make a room seem stuffy or cramped. Aside from wall and floor colors, try to stay away from darker furniture and décor accents that could make spaces feel smaller.

4. Hang Some Art
A single dramatic piece of art hung closer to the ceiling can help draw the eye up and away from the small size of a room, but putting many different frames in varying shapes and sizes could make your walls feel cramped and cluttered. Remember that less is more when it comes to smaller spaces!

3. Install Bare Windows
You can easily construct more depth in a small room by removing window treatments. Uncovered windows or even windows with roman shades or blinds instead of heavy curtains will make your space look brighter and bring much-needed natural light to the room.

2. Hang Some Mirrors
Mirrors create the illusion of more space. It’s best to place a mirror across from a window or a door, where it will reflect light, create depth, and help make your small space look a lot bigger than it is actually is.

1. Use Monochromatic Color Schemes
Utilizing different shades of the same color can create a sense unity in a small space. Match your wall color to your rug or furniture, and your room will instantly look more open. Even just having matching accents can establish more visual coherence.