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7 Kids Toy Storage Ideas To Keep Toys from Taking over Your Home

If you have children, you’ve probably struggled with keeping toys put away. Few parents are lucky enough to have designated play rooms with closets for storage, which means that tucking away the extra toys can be a daily struggle. But Mr. Cooper is here to help! We’ve rounded up seven kids toy storage ideas for keeping toys (mostly) out-of-sight.

1. Toy chests
This may seem like a no-brainer, but a toy chest is a great solution for storing lots of toys — especially the medium- and large-sized items. For a touch of personalization, consider adding a vinyl sticker with your child’s name or initials. A little personalization might even encourage them to put away their toys when they are finished playing!

2. Shelving
Take advantage of wall space by installing shelves for storage. Since books aren’t nearly as unsightly as some toys, you can place them on open shelves without making the space look too cluttered. If the shelf is deep enough, add a few coordinating baskets for an aesthetic that’s as tidy as it is functional.

3. Baskets with lids
Baskets with lids can be difficult to find, but they do exist! Adding one or two to a corner of a room is a stylish way to disguise lots of toys. If the basket doesn’t have a lid, be a little picky about the items you fill it with.

4. Benches
If you’re in the market for a bench, find one with storage! This is a great way to hide all sorts of toys in common areas of your home, like the kitchen or the living room. Window seats are another great place to stash away toys.

5. Under-bed storage bins
Take advantage of the space between the floor and your child’s bed with a few storage bins. Using bins with wheels will make the items even more easily accessible. And if the bed has a bed skirt, no one will ever know your secret!

6. Ottomans
Many ottomans come with storage inside. Swap out the blankets and pillows you’ve been storing there for toys, and you’ve got yourself a functional solution for kid stuff in your living space.

7. Think one in, one out
The easiest way to keep your home from being overrun by toys is to consistently reevaluate what you have. If you notice that your kids aren’t playing with certain toys anymore, donate them. Any time they get something new, encourage them to find something older to give away.