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5 Outdoor Storage Ideas You Can Use

One of the easiest ways to keep your outdoor space tidy is by ensuring that you have enough storage for your stuff. incorporating a few storage solutions for your patio and yard can be beneficial — especially if your garage, attic, and other storage options are already in use. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite outdoor storage ideas for you to use. Read them here.

1. Shed
Thanks to the rise of the “she-shed,” outdoor sheds have made a comeback! Beyond the option of creating an isolated and cozy place to read and work, sheds can offer many other functional benefits, too. If your yard and budget allow for it, a shed is a great place to store a variety of different items like lawnmowers, furniture in the colder months, and outdoor toys.

2. Deck Box
Deck boxes are great for storing furniture cushions during storms and in the winter months. Just make sure to invest in one that’s large enough to hold all of your different sized cushions. Cushions take up more room than you might imagine!

3. Outdoor Ottoman
Many outdoor ottomans on the market come with added storage, so if you’re looking to add one to your space keep this in mind.

4. Decorative Pots
Use a decorative pot to store smaller items on your patio, like bug spray, sunscreen, or even the garden hose.

5. Potting Bench
If you have a green thumb and an active garden, then you might consider adding a potting bench to your outdoor space. It could house all of your tools, soil, seeds, and pots, plus bring a bit of personality and style to your space, too.