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Showing Your Home While You Travel

Tips & Tricks For Showing Your House While You’re Traveling

There are a few times of the year when travel is more abundant — like the holidays, spring break, and the summer. If you’re selling a home during a season of travel, you will likely encounter a few challenges that you might not have faced during other times of the year. Here are seven tips for hosting successful house showings, even when you’re away.

 1. Actively Communicate With Your Real Estate Agent

The first step in successful house showings any time of the year is ongoing communication with your real estate agent. Make sure your agent knows your travel schedule, because if they know when you’ll be out of town, they might be able to swing by before showings to turn on lights, make sure toilet seats are down, and adjust the thermostat.

 2. Ask Your Neighbors For Help

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, they may be willing to help while you’re away by picking up your mail and packages. An overflowing mailbox and piles of packages by the door are a dead giveaway to prospective buyers (and potential thieves) that your house has been sitting empty for at least a couple of days.

 3. Hire A Cleaning Service

To make sure your home is dusted and wiped down, have a cleaning service come by regularly — especially if you plan to be out of town for an extended period of time. A freshly cleaned home will be the first thing that potential buyers notice when they walk in your front door.

 4. Hire A Lawn Service

If you travel often, this tip is important all times of the year. In the winter, make sure your sidewalk and front porch are cleared of leaves, snow, and ice. In the summer, make sure your lawn is mowed and that plants and flowers are watered regularly.

 5. Install A Video Doorbell

If you travel frequently, it might be helpful to have a smart doorbell that sends an alert to your smartphone when potential buyers arrive at your house (and when they leave). This way, you know at all times when someone is in your home. Beyond the security purposes that a smart doorbell serves, it might even be a helpful tool in gauging the buyer’s level of interest in your home — repeat visitors may be getting serious about making an offer.

 6. Hire A House-Sitter

If there is someone you trust to keep an eye on your house while you’re away, consider hiring them during your period of travel. Make sure they are tidy and know to leave your home as clean (if not cleaner) than they found it, since prospective buyers could be coming by.

 7. Plan Ahead

Hosting showings during a season of travel has its benefits — like not disrupting your day while you are home — but it can also be challenging. The most important key to hosting successful showings when you’re away or traveling is to plan ahead. Make sure you have secured additional help if you need it, and make sure to leave your home in excellent shape when you depart.