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Tips To Prevent Package Theft

5 Tips To Prevent Package Theft

Did you know that that UPS delivers more than 30 million packages during the holiday shopping season? Americans love their online shopping, but there’s an unfortunate downside: With the influx of package deliveries in action there comes an increase in package theft. Here are five package theft prevention tips that you can use this holiday shopping season.

1. Have packages delivered elsewhere
If you work in an office building with a mailroom policy that allows you to accept packages there, consider having your packages delivered to your workplace. There will likely be someone present to accept packages during hours you wouldn’t normally be at home, and the chances of packages being stolen are less likely. Another theft-preventative option is to have online orders shipped to the physical store (or Amazon locker) for you to pick up later.

2. Install security cameras or a smart doorbell
Security cameras and smart doorbells with built-in cameras might not guarantee that your packages are safe, but they will provide video footage of the thief and illicit activity should you become a target of package theft. A camera could also make it a little easier for you to track when packages arrive so that you can plan to get them inside as soon as possible.

3. Communicate with your neighbors
Having open lines of communication with your neighbors is good practice for safety year-round, but especially during the holidays. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home and incoming deliveries and offer to do the same for them. This way, package theft and holiday safety is on everyone’s radar.

4. Leave instructions when you place your order
Take advantage of the widely available option to leave additional shipping instructions when you place an online order, and get specific about where you’d like packages left when they are delivered. Consider any large flower pots, statues, or hidden areas around the front of your home to where your packages could be left out of sight.

 5. Be strategic about delivery dates
If you know you’re going to be traveling on specific days, make sure to place online orders with those dates in mind. If possible, plan to have items arrive on a day when someone will be home. If you travel often, make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to pick up your packages for you.