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Apps to help you budget

Smartphone Apps To Help You Budget

Sitting down to create a budget can be daunting. Sticking to it can be even harder. But when it comes to achieving your goals — whether that’s owning a new home or taking the vacation…

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Budgeting 101

Have you ever wondered where all your money goes? You’re likely not alone. Statistics have long shown that Americans of all income levels struggle to put money away for a rainy day….

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How debt can affect your life

How Debt Can Affect Your Life

For years, studies have shown that when you feel overwhelmed by debt, it takes a toll — and not just on your wallet. Feeling stressed or anxious about your financial health can have a…

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Can Home Loans Be Paid Off Early?

Consider this: You’re a happy homeowner, paying your mortgage each month. But you couldn’t help but wonder — could you pay off your home loan faster? The short answer: Yes, you can…

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