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Selling a Home in Winter? Here Are 3 Things to Do

If you’re putting a for-sale sign out this winter, you might not have as many people looking to buy as you would in other seasons — you might be competing with holiday parties, travel, winter weather, and more. However, since you can’t always pick when you need to move, there are still some things that you can do to make sure you make the most of selling your home in winter. Here are four things to know when the season isn’t as hot:

Make your entrance inviting

While you don’t have beautiful spring flowers and full trees making up your landscaping, you can get some winter-friendly greenery like holly to add to your home’s exterior. If there’s snow or ice, make sure to shovel and clear a path so that the experience is a pleasant one for potential homebuyers who are coming inside your home. Also, it’s a good idea to pick up things like a rubber floor mat and a container or bin for umbrellas and wet shoes.

Keep the temperature comfortable

You probably don’t want to cut corners on warming the house, because chances are, if people are comfortable they’ll be more likely to have a better overall experience in your home. If you have one, you can also light your fireplace for a nice wintery ambience — but make sure that it’s attended and you keep a screen in front.

Keep things festive & welcoming inside

You can have snacks and drinks that have a warm winter feel, such as hot chocolate or warm apple cider. You can serve ginger snaps or chocolate chip cookies to match the wintery mood. It’s a nice touch to have light music playing (think jazz and easy listening at a low volume).

Be realistic with your expectations if you’re selling your home in winter. The demand may be lower, but there’s still plenty of traffic online. Having great pictures, videos, and a solid online listing can help set your home up for selling success, too.

When you’re looking to sell your home (or buy your next one), get in touch with Mr. Cooper to learn more about how we can help keep your homeownership journey moving.