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Loan Processor Spotlight: Ammy Fernandez

Almost two years ago, Ammy Fernandez applied to be a mortgage professional at Mr. Cooper and ended up in the processing department. Being a loan processor turned out to be a perfect fit for her! With the support of a great manager and team, Ammy was promoted to team leader within six months and began overseeing her own team six months later as a loan processing manager.

Want to know more about life at Mr. Cooper? Here’s what Ammy had to share.

Ammy Fernandez

Loan Processing Manager

Ammy Fernandez

Could you share a bit about what led you to Mr. Cooper?

I started with Mr. Cooper a little over a year and half ago. I had first applied to be a mortgage professional and ended up in processing. It was the perfect fit for me! I loved my team and my manager. She promoted some healthy competition within our team which pushed us to want to be the best. Within six months I became her team lead, and about six months later I have taken on my own team! I am still growing and learning new things every day. I love the job and the atmosphere and wouldn’t change it for the world!

How is Mr. Cooper different from other companies?

Mr. Cooper is different than other companies for two big reasons. First, the leadership here is amazing. Hands down, for a company to be as big as we are, we have our AVPs and VPs willing to assist with any problem we may have. They are there to help you grow, hold you accountable, and make you feel like family.

Secondly, of course the money. Money is motivation, and the things you can accomplish here are life changing. I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey’s SmartDollar, which is one of the perks that our employees get. A company that can give you the tools to become financially fit is more than you can ask for. I became debt free this past November and will be able to provide a life that I never imagined for my family!

What are three pieces of advice that you would share with someone wanting to succeed in a loan processor position?

The three pieces of advice I would give:

  1. Know your “why.” Write it down in front of you and let it motivate you!
  2. Be ready to hustle! It is a fast-paced environment and requires hard work. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, but it’s so worth it!
  3. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. In the mortgage world, things change constantly! If you don’t ask questions, you won’t succeed.