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Don't Let Decorations Bust Your Holiday Budget

Don’t Let Decorations Bust Your Holiday Budget

Holiday decorations are a fun and common addition to many homes. Yet the cost of décor can quickly add up, and they do have the potential to make a substantial dent in your holiday budget. Here are some ways you can decorate without breaking the bank while doing it. 

Buy Decorations After Every Holiday

To find the absolute best deals, you can always shop after each holiday — things tend to hit the sale aisle the day after Christmas (and usually after every holiday including Easter, the Fourth of July, and Halloween).

Shop at Dollar Stores & Discount Stores

Dollar stores have a surprising number of small pieces of home décor that look really nice and can be used to build and create interesting looks. Small vases, jars, glass stones, ribbons, and other items are perfect for creating your own DIY centerpieces and decorations. HGTV also has great tips for making your own holiday decorations on its website.

Reuse Existing Decor

Start by using clear, gold, or silver glass vases and jars, and then adding holiday themed items to them. If you buy and use decorations that can be reused year after year, having a few staple pieces will help you not spend money year after year. By skipping trendy colors and sticking with classics, you could be able to avoid additional costs.

Use Only LED Lights

When you’re buying holiday lights, it’s important to make sure that you only buy LEDs. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying a lot over the holiday seasons to run them. Check the packaging before you buy to make sure you’re wont’ see a spike in your energy bill. If you want to use lights but don’t want to spend too much money, you can place lights in the front windows or make accent walls with lights so you don’t have to string multiple strands all around.

Home decorations are one of the ongoing expenses that many homeowners seem to enjoy season after season. Click here to read more articles about home décor for all year long.