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The Art of Home Loans Inspires Visitors and Artists Alike

What comes to mind when you hear the word mortgage? Likely, you’re not thinking creativity or innovation. But thanks to Mr. Cooper’s new Artist in Residence program, we’re hoping to inspire others to dream bigger when they think about home loans.

In an industry stuck in its ways, Mr. Cooper is working to change how consumers think about their home loan and the mortgage industry. To start, the company has undergone a transformation of its culture to align the entire team behind a redefined purpose to keep the dream of home ownership alive while changing the face of home loans.

Home Loans Imagined In An Inspired New Way

Mr. Cooper’s Artist in Residence program has been a key part of the company’s cultural makeover. Partnering with Articulation Art, Mr. Cooper opened up its corporate offices to established artists to create one-of-a-kind works on the walls of Mr. Cooper’s house.

“Mr. Cooper is shaking up the status quo to become the most consumer-focused company in the industry,” said Kevin Dahlstrom, Chief Marketing Officer for Mr. Cooper. “We believe this transformation must happen from the inside out, starting with our team. After all, we can only inspire our customers to dream if we ourselves are inspired.”

Art of Home Loans Exhibition Inspires Visitors

The Artist in Residence program spans a broad range of artistic styles including paint, graffiti, sculpture, audio, video, experiential and everything in between. As you walk the halls, you can’t help but be inspired by the 120 art installations (and counting) that embody each artist’s interpretation of “home.” The best part? Each of these artworks reflects Mr. Cooper’s goal to reimagine home loans for our customers.

Want to see for yourself but can’t make it here to our home office? That’s okay! Visit www.artofhomeloans.com to view the artwork and learn more about the artists behind each piece You can still enjoy each unique piece of art that’s displayed on our walls virtually through our website.