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Insulate Your Windows For Winter

5 Ways To Insulate Your Windows For Winter

During the cooler winter months, it’s important to make sure your windows are well-insulated so that your home retains as much heat as possible to keep your family warm and cozy — not to mention help you avoid any unwanted spikes on your energy bill. Here are 5 ways to insulate your windows for the winter.

1. Window Film
Window film is an inexpensive way to add additional insulation, and can be especially effective when applied to older windows. Just make sure to do a little research before you apply the film to your windows, because if done poorly, the film could be visible. When applied correctly, however, you won’t even know it’s there.

2. Caulking
Caulking is an effective and inexpensive insulation solution if you have small cracks around your windows. The downside to caulking is it doesn’t last forever, and you will have to reapply it periodically.

3. Weather Stripping
If you have gaps that allow cool drafts to enter your home, the solution may be as simple as a little weather stripping. Head to your local hardware store to find weather stripping materials, and then cut the strips to fit your window frame. Simply stick the weather strip to the frame of your window — and problem solved!

4. Draft Snakes
Draft snakes can be a good solution for keeping cold air from sneaking in through your windowsills or under your doors. They are essentially fabric tubes and can be purchased or DIYed with a few simple materials — but keep in mind that this trick won’t insulate your entire window. It might make sense to combine this insulation method with another solution to ensure proper insulation.

5. Curtains
It may sound like a silly solution, but a nice, heavy curtain can make a big difference in blocking cold air from entering the rest of your home. The curtain essentially acts as a barrier, catching cold air at the source before it infiltrates your home.

With these simple tips, you’re all set for a warm, cozy winter indoors!