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Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Home

5 Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Home

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You almost certainly remember the moment you bought your first home. Chances are it was one of the biggest financial and personal decisions you’ve ever made. But not everyone stays in their first home forever—especially after they’ve outgrown it. With many of us now having to use our homes as offices and classrooms, as well as living spaces, it may be time to think about buying a new home with more space.

While the idea of moving can seem intimidating, Mr. Cooper is here to help you along the way. We’ve even produced a simple step-by-step guide to learn more about buying a new home.

Here are the telltale signs it might be time to move:

1. You have a full house

One of the most common reasons to upgrade your home, and perhaps one of the more obvious with more people at home, is overcrowding. Maybe you moved in when it was the perfect size, but since then you’ve acquired a few pets or a couple of kids. This may be a good time to move on and consider buying a new home—a place that comfortably fits your family (and everything that comes with them).

2. You need a dedicated home office

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many of us are now working from home and will be for the foreseeable future. If you don’t have enough space for a dedicated office, this can be problematic. We’ve got a guide to optimizing your home office space here, but for some people this simply won’t go far enough.

If you’re finding yourself setting up shop at the kitchen table or worse, working from the sofa, it’s time to consider moving to a home where you can have a dedicated office space. Along with setting strict times for work and leisure, separating workspace and living space is acknowledged by psychologists as good practice. It’ll help you relax after work and may even improve mental health. You can read more in The Conversation.

3. It’s time to ditch city life for the country

Working from home is set to remain the norm for many people, and one thing they’re beginning to realize is that they no longer need to be near the city to get to the office. If you’ve always dreamed of packing up and moving to the countryside, now could be the time to do it—you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck, and dramatically improve your office view.

4. There’s not enough room to entertain

As social isolation rules are relaxed, entertaining at home looks likely to explode. Social gatherings may be limited, but in lieu of restaurants and attractions fully re-opening, they’re something most people are looking forward to.

Of course, entertaining requires space. It could be improved outdoor areas, or larger kitchens and dining rooms. For some, simply having a front porch to hang out on may be what’s needed. Upgrading your home post-pandemic isn’t just about getting an office—it can also dramatically improve your social life.

5. You daydream about buying a new home

With social isolation comes a lot of free time—and many of us are using it to browse property sites, watch HGTV, and think about what could be. If you find yourself daydreaming of a new home, lean into it. Now is the perfect time to consider it.

As shelter in place limitations lift, and the housing market begins to move again, you’ll have more opportunity to put those dreams into action. If you move quickly, you may need to consider some changes to the normal home-buying process, but don’t let those put you off.