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5 Non-Traditional Tactics To Help You Sell Your Home

5 Non-Traditional Tactics To Help You Sell Your Home

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The sign’s in the yard and you’ve worked with a real estate agent to craft the perfect listing. But what if some time passes and you find that the traditional selling tactics aren’t working—or just not working quickly enough? If you are looking for new, creative ways to sell a house, say no more. Here are five non-traditional tactics that you could use to sell your home.

1. Utilize social media
Social media has become a popular and efficient way to get the word out about your for-sale property, but it’s important to go beyond simply sharing the listing on your profile. Consider creating a dedicated Instagram channel for your house where you can highlight everything from your favorite features of the home to the small details you love and will miss most. Using Instagram or Facebook to offer virtual, seller-guided is a great way to welcome lots of potential buyers into your home without having to do much heavy lifting. Asking your followers to share the post to their own networks or engage with your content by liking or commenting is another way to widen the exposure of your posts.

2. Make some leave behinds
Your real estate agent will likely have leave behind literature for buyers visiting your home, but consider creating a leave behind of your own that shares things about the property only you would know—like your favorite nearby walking trails, local dinner spots, and your go-to vendors at the neighborhood farmers market. Take a page from the book of a successful vacation rental post or hotel, and use leave behinds as an opportunity to highlight the neighborhood that makes your home a great buy.

3. Host an open house party
Most homes on the market offer traditional open houses, but sellers can always consider hosting one of their own. This could be an opportunity to market your house to your friends’ friends, so encourage guests to bring friends with snacks and drinks, door prizes, or giveaways. Hosting an open house can be a fun way to enjoy friends in your home one last time while also getting the word out about your property. When guests see how much fun your home is and how easy it is to entertain there, they might be even more excited about the opportunity to make an offer!

4. Offer an incentive
To motivate house-hunters to buy your property, consider offering a nice incentive. You could include all of the wall-mounted televisions or window treatments with the purchase of your home, or offer to make specific flooring or landscaping upgrades before you move out. The incentive is up to you, so feel free to get creative with it! If there’s an incentive you’re comfortable offering, it could encourage potential buyers to act quickly.

5. Offer an overnight stay for serious potential buyers
Before offering an overnight stay to only the most interested buyers, consult with your attorney and real estate agent. If they sign off, it could be a great way to give buyers the opportunity to test drive your home. Even if they don’t take you up on your overnight offer, they could be more comfortable making an offer on your home knowing that you have nothing to hide and are open to letting them experience the space for themselves.

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