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5 Bookshelf Ideas To Help You Style

If you’ve ever moved into a new house, then you probably know the struggle of having boxes and boxes of books — and being unsure of exactly what to do with all of them. Whether you’re looking for a new organization project or have just noticed that your books have been collecting dust for too long, here are a few bookshelf ideas and handy ways to organize that will help you find the inspiration you need to get sorting.

Sort By Author
This is probably the most popular way to organize an arrangement of books on a shelf — alphabetically by the author’s last name. This is almost always how bookstores arrange their books, regardless of classification. Highly organized people — more logical than creative — will probably find this configuration satisfying. Plus, organizing a bookshelf by author can make it incredibly easy to find a book you’re looking for.

Sort By Color
If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest, then you’ve likely seen a lot of bookshelves organized by color. For painters, graphic designers, interior designers, creatives, and aesthetes in general, organizing a bookshelf by color can be a great way to go. This method can also look appealing against a white wall by serving as a splash of color that ties a room together.

Sort By Genre
If you tend to lean toward one genre, try organizing your bookshelf by genre. From there, you can mix up your reading routine by easily finding other books in different genres from whatever book you just finished. If fiction genres like sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, and horror are more numerous in your collection than nonfiction genres like biographies and reference materials, make more space for what you have.

Sort By Size
If you can manipulate the spacing and height of shelves on your bookshelf, a practical way to organize it might be by size. Mass-marketed books might differ in size than older books or the average novel, and paperbacks are generally shorter than hardcover books. Get an idea of what sizes you’re working with in your collection and go from there.

Sort By Title
If you tend to remember the chorus of the song rather than the artist who sings it, or movie titles rather than lead actors, you might consider sorting your bookshelves by title. This way, your collection will be organized alphabetically by title and you’ll be able to directly find books as they’re named.
Your book collection is important to you, and it can create a sense of home to crack open a hardcover book and smell the pages. Treat your bookshelf to some new organizational style with one of these bookshelf ideas!