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6 Home Security Tips For Maximum Safety

There are nearly 2 million home break-ins every year, and most occur during the day. Even if you live in a safe, quiet neighborhood, it’s wise to put a few measures into place to protect your home and family. Here are six home security tips for maximizing safety at home.

1. Install an alarm system.
The most obvious solution for home security is to install a security system. The decal sticker or sign alone could deter some potential thieves, and most systems today include mobile access that makes it easier than ever to monitor and protect your home.

2. Consider adding cameras.
Indoor and outdoor cameras can be helpful in identifying suspects and deterring others. For a less expensive alternative, consider installing a digital doorbell with a built-in camera.

3. Plan for days when you’re away.
If you’re going to be out of town, plan for a neighbor or friend to check your mail and put your trash out on trash day. A lack of regular activity is one sign that burglars look for when identifying houses to break into.

4. Install motion-sensor light bulbs.
Using motion-sensor light bulbs outside is a good way to scare off or deter criminals. A well-lit space makes it more challenging for the burglar to strike, too.

5. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed.
As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to easily see all corners of your yard. If your trees or shrubs are overgrown, trim them so that you can more easily see your space.

6. Lock your doors.
Many break-ins occur through the front door – and often times, burglars just turn the knob and walk right in. Though it might seem obvious, keeping your doors locked will keep others from breaking into your home.