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How To Make A Smart House

How To Make A Smart Home With 6 Tech Upgrades

High-tech updates can be a great benefit to your home, and implementing the best smart home system throughout your house can uncomplicate your life, help you streamline daily tasks, and also bring a lot of fun. Technology upgrades are also great if you’re planning on selling your home down the line, as they appeal to potential buyers. Here’s how to make a smart home, starting with 6 smart home ideas and devices you’re sure to love.

1. Smart Home Monitoring
With the best smart home systems, you’ll be able to control various devices in your home from anywhere with your smartphone. You can lower energy costs with a smart thermostat, allowing you to change the temperature of the rooms in your house at any time. You can also save on electric bills by controlling indoor and outdoor lighting on your phone. Providers like Control4 and Nest are common choices among homeowners looking to bring more smart technology to their home.

2. Wireless Home Security Cameras
Some of the smartest buys in home devices are those that provide real-time viewing of your home surveillance systems, because they can also make your home feel safer. Aside from the obvious smart home monitoring benefits, you can check in on pets, kids, babysitters, maintenance professionals — you name it. Everything can be controlled from your smartphone, so you can see what’s going on inside of your house from anywhere in the world.

3. Touch-Free Faucets
No-touch faucets are so convenient. Because you won’t be touching the faucets in your kitchen or bathroom, you can worry less about the bacteria buildup and cleaning they require. Hands-free faucets tend to have finer controls and setting than regular faucets, which makes them more efficient (and hopefully ultimately saves money on energy bills). You can find touch-free faucets in your local hardware store or on Amazon.

4. Smart Home Assistants
Some of the best smart home systems are fully integrated with popular home assistant systems Alexa by Amazon and Google Home, among others. Voice-controlled assistants are popping up everywhere, promising to make your life easier with their artificial intelligence-driven networks and quick results. These futuristic devices can play music, call your mom, save your information, set up reminders, search the internet for the answers to your wildest questions, and generally do anything that a computer could. All you have to do is talk to them.

5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Imagine never having to vacuum again. Robot vacuum cleaners work like a charm, and they don’t damage your furniture — plus, they are incredibly cool gadgets that make you feel like you’re in an episode of The Jetsons. There are so many different models to choose from with varying sizes and features, look on sites like Amazon to find the right robot vacuum cleaner for you. Some of them can even be controlled from your smartphone.

6. Smart Locks
Keyless entry systems, like Schlage Sense’s smart deadbolt lock, allow you to enter your house by punching in a code instead of looking through your bag or pockets for your keys. August Smart Locks control your deadbolts with a smartphone app and the tap of a lock/unlock button, and it’s among the devices that can be integrated with Apple’s HomeKit system. You can even designate different codes for different days of the week or for different people who have access to your home.

If you’re interested in building the best smart home system for your home, start with these smart home ideas and then do your own research. There’s no wrong way to start building, but once you figure out how to make a smart home, you’ll be able to use your devices for smart home monitoring that could ultimately help keep you and your family safe.