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Photo of Vicki C. next to a blue box that has a Great Place To Work Certified logo in it (it also says Jul 2021-Jul 2022 USA) and text: [VICKI C., Video Production]

Picture This: Dive Into Vickie C.’s Hands-On Video Internship Experience

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Vicki C. interned with our Video Production team during her senior year at Oklahoma Baptist University. Vicki is a Video Production major and a Graphic Design minor with an expected graduation date in May 2023. Prior to her experience at Mr. Cooper, she won a total of four first-place awards at the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association (OBEA) a statewide student media competition. She has also created two documentaries, one of which was a first-place winner at OBEA. Her other work includes a short film, several shorter narrative works, and more. Vicki shares more about her 10 weeks at Mr. Cooper:  

What advice would you give someone who is interested in an internship at Mr. Cooper? 

It’s important to start your internship search as early as possible! I’m someone who hates to procrastinate, so I started looking for summer internships at the start of my junior year. I came across the job posting on LinkedIn and applied immediately. Most of the interns who got selected to participate in the Homegrown Program were looking for internships before companies had theirs listed. If you’re in a position where you don’t see an opening available, I would highly recommend reaching out to Mr. Cooper’s employees. It never hurts to inquire early! 

What skills have you gained from your internship? 

In addition to getting to see how corporate video is done in general, I have learned how to properly color correct footage, correct audio clips, set up a live stream, troubleshoot with technology, use different editing software, and animate text. 

How would you describe our company culture? 

Mr. Cooper has an amazing corporate culture. They really go out of their way to make each and every employee feel valued in the work that they do. Everyone at Mr. Cooper, including the executive leaders, are welcoming and have helped to create a safe working environment for me and the other interns.   

What was your favorite part of the internship experience? 

My favorite part was getting the opportunity to assist with the live Pride panel. It was a great learning experience because I’ve never worked on a live stream before. 

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