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Curb Appeal Ideas

10 Curb Appeal Ideas For Your Home

First impressions are important, which is why curb appeal — or how attractive your home looks to buyers from the moment they see it from the street — is something you should consider when selling your home. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to take on some simple DIY landscaping design projects that can give your home’s exterior an update. Here are 10 curb appeal ideas for you to try.

10. If your street-facing patio or porch needs more privacy, plant herbs and small flowers in reasonably priced terracotta pots, and hang them at varying lengths from above to form a vertical garden outside. You’ll be adding more life to your space while also creating a private area.

9. Painting your front door a fun color can add so much brightness to the exterior of your home. To keep the focus on the attention-grabbing entrance, keep the area around your bold door simple with neutral accents and unobtrusive greenery.

8. Construct porch columns around existing structural columns using pieces of 2x4s, plywood, and a nail gun. Don’t forget to paint!

7. Add some whimsy to your entrance and paint or stencil your house number on your front steps. The front of your home will look cool and eclectic; plus, party guests will more easily find your home and pizza deliveries will be a breeze. Paint the numbers starting from the top step and work your way to the bottom (if there’s more than one number).

6. For a mid-century modern touch, find a stencil to showcase your house numbers near the front of your home. If you don’t want to spray paint directly onto the curb, use exterior grade paint and a piece of dark wood (think redwood, cedar, or fiberboard) and bolt or otherwise affix it to your home near the front door.

5. Installing a wood screen door could cost as little as $50 in materials, if you build it yourself. You’ll need some wood, a screen, and some paint. Choosing very straight boards is essential. Fasten the frame together using three-inch screws, and add a pattern to the lower half of the door using the 1×2’s and your imagination. Paint or stain it. Attach the screen last.

4. Tape and paint a runner on your exterior steps to achieve a classic, polished look — and use bright colors for something that stands out. Make sure you power wash your steps before you paint.

3. Make your entryway more welcoming by installing a front path using square pavers. Arrange them evenly in rows, and put river rock or pea gravel in between each paver. Put down stone screening beforehand to make sure the path remains level and fill in uneven areas.

2. Installing a light above your front door will up the nighttime curb appeal of your home. Vintage or otherwise interesting looking fixtures will also look great during the daylight hours, too.

1. Upgrade your mailbox. Whether yours is by the driveway or mounted to your house, adding a new and updated version could establish an eye-catching detail. Plus, they’re usually affordable and easy to install.