Flood Resource Center

If you’ve been impacted by a flood or are planning ahead, we are here to help. Here are some of our top resources on emergency preparation, filing claims, and rebuilding after a storm. You should always contact your homeowners insurance provider first and if you still need assistance after speaking with them, please contact us at 833-685-2565.

Preparing for a flood

Insuring your home

Flooding is a risk to all homeowners, regardless of location, but homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover it. Consider purchasing a separate flood policy for added protection. In the event a flood has already occurred, and you’re not covered, more resources may be available. See the “Getting assistance” section below.

Getting assistance

After a flood, we can help you apply for mortgage assistance and walk through the insurance process. We’ve also provided information on support that may be available from government agencies and non-profits.

Returning home

Check with authorities before returning to your home. Here are some additional safety tips, along with recommendations on how to find a good contractor.