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6 Types of Insurance for Natural Disasters

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No matter where you live, natural disasters can occur suddenly and without warning. Your house could be at risk for flooding, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and everything else Mother Nature may throw your way. Without insurance to cover against these potential risks, you may not be able to recuperate from damages you may experience. Though these types of incidents are uncommon, it is wise to be prepared for anything that could happen to your home. Here are 6 types of insurance you can get to cover your home in the event of a natural disaster.

1. Home insurance

The average homeowner’s insurance policy covers ordinary damages. From a busted pipe in your basement to hailstorm damage to your roof, you should be covered by your home insurance. Keep in mind that each policy is different, and it’s important to know exactly what coverage you have with your insurance company (ideally before you have to file a claim).

2. Disaster insurance

After you’ve checked with your insurance company and made yourself aware of the details of your homeowner’s policy, it’s time to shop around for disaster insurance. There are many unforeseen natural disasters that are not covered by typical home insurance that you need to be prepared for. Remember to call your insurance agent if you have any questions.

3. Flood insurance

According to Ready.gov, “floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States.” Get a flood insurance policy to protect your home from damages caused by rising water, especially if you live on the coast or in low-lying areas where flooding occurs more frequently. Depending on your mortgage’s conditions, you may also be required to purchase this insurance whether you live in a high-risk area or not. There is usually a waiting period of around a month before flood insurance coverage begins, so it’s best to sign up as soon as possible.

4. Earthquake insurance

The last thing you want to do after an unexpected earthquake is pay to rebuild your home and restore your property. Earthquake insurance is a type of disaster insurance that fills in the coverage gap left behind by your homeowner’s insurance policy even if you don’t live in an area prone to earthquakes. It’s smart and proactive to get an earthquake insurance quote, especially because of the unpredictable nature of this natural disaster.

5. Region-specific insurance

It’s important to be aware of which specific disasters could potentially affect the area you live in.

Depending on the region—and especially in high-risk areas—many states have subsidized insurance pools that provide appropriate coverages to residents. When you have questions, visit FEMA’s website for information on common natural disasters, history in certain areas, and urgent alerts.

6. Additional coverage

There are supplemental policies and endorsements that you can purchase in addition to your regular coverage, which can be a good move if you have things like an above-ground pool, outdoor spa, or anything else home-adjacent that could be affected by a natural disaster. Some events can be covered by an extra clause in your general policy as well, but it’s best to talk to your insurance agent to see what additional coverage can be added to your existing plan.