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Photo of Megan Yiu in a home office next to a blue box with a Great Place To Work Certified logo and text: Megan Y., Data Intern.

Head in the “Cloud”: Data Intern Megan Yiu Shares Her Mr. Cooper Experience

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This summer, Information Technology/Data Intern Megan Yiu had the opportunity to join our Database Administrator department where she worked on a variety of cloud and analytics projects. Read on as she shares some of her top takeaways.

Megan Yiu, Data Intern

As part of the Mr. Cooper internship program, I spent the summer learning what it means to be a challenger, champion, and cheerleader as a “Cooper.” I was able to expand my knowledge of new cloud technologies, improve my teamwork and communication skills, and meet diverse teams and people that broadened my perspective.

Enhancing all this were workshops on career development, including one I attended about the six principles of leadership:

    1. The Power of Self Mastery
    2. The Power of Focus
    3. The Power of the People
    4. The Power of Persuasive Communication
    5. The Power of Execution
    6. The Power of Giving

I also learned more about the finance and mortgage industries, such as servicing and originations, payment modifications, forbearance, recapture rates, mortgage servicing rights, and reverse servicing. Additionally, we got to hear from executive speakers on their career journeys and advice for young professionals.

A few highlights included: 

    • Having sympathy, empathy, and compassion in the workplace.
    • Chasing skills and not titles.
    • Building foundational skills early in our careers, such as:
        • Giving presentations.
        • Being okay with being uncomfortable.
        • Searching for feedback.

As I look back, I would like to extend a big thank you to a few people. First, a big shout out to Sr. Campus Recruiter Jessica Hsieh and AVP Talent Management Valencia Woodard for a smooth onboarding process and for coordinating the intern program. All the events and speakers they introduced us to were insightful. I also would like to thank my manager Sudha Gollu, VP IT Infrastructure, and mentor Larry Neal, Sr. IT Administrator, for giving me advice on how to approach challenges and for encouraging me these past weeks. And, finally, a thank you goes to my key learnings project teammates, Alexander Caesar and his manager Jonathan Bucio. I appreciate all the hard work everyone put into the project, and I enjoyed working with you all.

It truly has been a great summer.